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This section is dedicated to story telling and sharing the knowledge of our ownership group, partners and pro staff. From customer stories, funny fish tails tales to helpful articles about kayak fishing, gear, trip planning, packing, gear maintenance and even stuff about food and booze. There is a little bit of everything here for you.

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These are the Fish Village trip stories that motivate us to continue to build incredible fishing adventures for all of you. These are the stories that inspire us and make us feel good.

Customer stories can be submitted to Fish Village at anytime. We may ask for photos to help us tell the story. If you have a good story that you want us to share, please send the story to

One happy and exhausted Fish Village customer after he landed his first yellowtail from a kayak on our San Clemente Island kayak mothership trip.

12.21.20 Do You Remember Your First Yellowtail?

If anyone is wondering why people go crazy for these trips… you might want to read this short story written by Fish Village customer Richard Williams. Not only is he a great story teller, he stuck his first yellow from a yak on our trip. Read all about it here!

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One of the best perks of this gig is hearing about funny tales or even better… living through the tale so that we can share the story with all of you. Dumb luck, good luck or no luck at all has a home here.

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Learn from the Fish Village network of professionals about every day fishing tips, seasonal pointers, safety considerations, gear considerations, gear maintenance and much more.

Eats & Drinks

We like to talk about the good eats and drinks in our lives. We cover fish recipes, catch n cooks, beer reviews, whiskey reviews and more.

Ponce Family Cookbook: Ceviche de Fuego

We like to flirt with the harmony of extra heat and maximum flavor. This preparation method is sort of like having a fresh salsa paired with citrus kissed fresh fish… but all in one bite. I am sure I am bias… but we do it damn good!

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