Trip Guide for 2.5 Day Tuna Trips

This trip guide will provide you with answers to our most commonly asked questions. This includes insights on where to meet, what to bring, how to pack, parking, trip itinerary and more.

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CA Fish & Game (Licenses)
CA Fish & Game (Regulations)
Fisherman’s Landing

COVID Disclaimer

There will be no COVID procedures or protocols enforced on this trip. If you want to wear a mask, feel free to wear a mask. Masks will NOT be required.

Fishing Location

Normally we head to San Clemente Island and drop the kayaks into the water, but mother nature is suggesting that we do something different. We will be heading south to target California’s favorite offshore fish… bluefin tuna.

Target Species

  • Bluefin tuna
  • Yellowtail
  • Asst. pelagic species

Recommended Setups

  • 30-40 lb. conventional setup
  • 50-60 lb. conventional setup
  • 80 lb. conventional setup
  • 30-40 lb. spin or baitcaster for targeting kelp paddies

Bluefin setups are best with mono topshot and flurocarbon leaders. The mono is for the stretch which is strongly suggested when bluefin fishing. You can still run braid backing, just add a mono topshot.

80 lb. rental setup is available at Fisherman’s Landing for $100 for the 2.5 day trip. We are strongly suggesting that you call ahead and reserve the setup.

(619) 221-8500

What Is Included?

The following is included in the trip price:

  • 3 meals a day + two snacks (on fishing days)
  • Water, soda, tea, coffee 24/7
  • Full service crew
  • Rigging support
  • Live bait

What Is Not Included?

The following is NOT included in the trip price:

  • Alcohol (Beer can be purchased while onboard)
  • Bottled water (can be purchased while onboard)
  • Fish processing
  • Tips*

* We suggest $100 for the crew. Ultimately this is up to each individual, however we are confident that you will be pleased.

Do Not Bring

The following is not allowed on the Islander:

  • Large coolers
  • Beer
  • No kayaks (weird, I know)

OK To Bring

The following is allowed on the Islander:

  • Wine
  • Liquor
  • Personal snacks

Living Aboard

You will live aboard the Islander for three (3) nights.

  • Bed (bring your own linens/pillow)
  • A/C in every room
  • 2 full bathrooms with showers
  • Staterooms with 3-4 bed racks in each
  • Electronics can be charged in your room
  • No WiFi or cell service

Jackpot Rules

No jackpot on tuna trips. The crew may assist anglers when necessary which can create controversy when money is on the line.

Packing Tips

U.S. Passport is NOT required for this trip.

Fishing Gear

Gear ItemRequired or Suggested
Surface ironsSuggested
Poppers and stick baits for surface bites and kelp paddies Suggested
Flat-falls (300 grams and heavier) Suggested
2/0 circle hooks for live bait when targeting bluefinSuggested
40 – 100 lb. fluoro leaderSuggested
6-8 oz. torpedo weights Suggested
Rubber bands Suggested


Gear ItemRequired or Suggested
HatStrongly Suggested
Polarized SunglassesStrongly Suggested
Long sleeve fishing tech shirts (lightweight)Strongly Suggested
Shorts, pants, jeansStrongly Suggested
Deck boots, tennis shoesStrongly Suggested
Lightweight windbreaker/rain jacket for inclement weatherStrongly Suggested
Sweatshirt Strongly Suggested

Additional Items

Gear ItemRequired or Suggested
Sunblock Strongly Suggested
Powerstrip (for charging electronics)Strongly Suggested
Towel for bathingStrongly Suggested
Bed Linens or Sleeping BagRequired


The Islander is docked at Fisherman’s Landing in San Diego. All trips start and end here. Parking is $10 per day (as of June 2021), cash or check only. Lock your car and do not leave anything in the back of your truck bed. You can park on either side of the parking lot, just note that the parking lot is shared with H&M Landing. After parking head towards Fisherman’s Landing (towards the left when facing the docks).

Dock carts are available to load your gear and stage. Simply walk the edges of the docks to find empty carts. Please be courteous and share carts with other anglers on the trip when possible.

2838 Garrison St. San Diego, CA, 92106


4:00 – 5:00 PMCheck-in
5:00 – 6:00 PMBegin loading up the Islander with our gear
6:00 PMDepart Fisherman’s Landing and Captain’s briefing

Friday + Saturday

Fishing will happen whenever the Islander finds the fish. It may be during the day or night. You will have to be ready to go at any time.


5:00 – 5:30 AMWake up, finish packing
5:30 – 6:00 AMSettle any tabs with the boat and tip the crew
6:00 AM (ish)Arrive at Fisherman’s landing
6:00 – 7:00 AM (ish)Unload gear
7:00 AM (ish)Pickup fish

Trip Partners

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