2.5 Day Kayak Mothership Trips @ San Clemente Island

Trip Summary

San Clemente Island is what all southern California kayak anglers want their local fishing grounds to be. It is the super sized equivalent of the coastlines that run from Santa Barbara south to the Mexican border.

Fat chunky monkey Calico bass roam here along with giant California halibut slabs, huge goats (California sheephead) and of course the yellas. You can basically do it all here.

Trip Inquiry Process

The booking process starts with you completing a simple form. You can start with a question or you can tell us that you are ready to book… it is easy and painless.

This trip is now open for booking! Click on the button below to reserve your spot today.

Booking Questions

Trip Package

Trip Price

$1,250 w/ $500 deposit

Trip Dates

  • 11/2/23 – 11/5/23


  • Charter fee
  • Live bait
  • Three (3) hot meals per fishing day
  • Two (2) full fishing days
  • Comfortable state rooms (2-3 anglers per)
  • Two (2) full bathrooms w/showers
  • Unlimited water, soda, tea, coffee
  • On-the-water skiff support

Does not include: Dinner on the night of departure, California fishing license, fish processing fees, bottled water + beer (available for purchase), tip (Suggested $120-$150).

Deposit Policy
  • A $500 deposit is due within seven (7) business days of billing.
  • At least a $300 progress payment is due within thirty (30) days of booking and another $300 within sixty (60) days or by 9/29/23 (whichever is earlier).
  • You can make payments against your invoice  at your leisure.

The deposit cut-off is Aug 18, 2023. Balances are due on or before 10/20/23. After Aug 18, 2023, 50% payment will be required to book a spot.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not available for this trip after the cancellation period expires.

Cancellation Period: If you are booking well in advance, you can cancel up to seven (7) days after you booked and receive a full refund. Once the cancellation period has passed, no refunds will be offered.

  • You will not receive a refund if are unable to join if you have COVID or any illness
  • Vaccinations are not required
  • Masks are not required
Weather Disclaimer

The Islander is requiring that we notify you that we will be trading in our kayaks for tuna gear at no additional cost to you if the weather does not allow for safe kayak fishing operations. If the fleet is able to fish, they do not want to cancel. This kills their business just as much as it hurts ours. If this is an issue, please do not book as we will not offer a refund for this scenario.

Our plan is to run every single one of these trips as a kayak mothership trip to San Clemente Island. If San Clemente Island is un-fishable due to weather/conditions, but Catalina is safe, then the Islander will move to give the anglers a good shot at fishable conditions. This is the call of the captain, not Fish Village. The combined factors of weather, conditions and the Navy impact the Islander’s ability to fish San Clemente Island.

Trip Questions

How Should I Prepare?

Fish Village will help you prepare for this trip. We offer a Trip Guide after you make your deposit that helps take the mystery out of the trip. The Trip Guide will tell you what kind of gear to bring, how much, etc.

Sea Sickness

Do you get sea sick? If you do consider getting the patch or taking Bonine or Dramamine.

This is not an endorsed ad. We use a variety of different methods that suite the individual. We are merely making a suggestion.

Fishing License
  • Required

This trip requires a valid fishing license for two (2) days. If you have your California Annual Sportfishing License w/ Ocean Enhancement stamp then you are good to go.

The California Department of Fish & Wildlife has multiple options for residents and non-residents including multi-day licenses.

For complete rules, additional permits and fishing licenses, refer to the California Department of Fish & Wildlife website.

Fish Species
  • Calico bass (POPULAR)
  • Yellowtail (POPULAR)
  • California halibut
  • California sheephead
  • Sand bass
  • Various rockfish (Red vermillion)
Bring Your Own Kayak

This trip requires you to bring your own kayak and kayak fishing gear. We do not rent kayaks on this trip.

No Hobie Pro Anglers or ultra-wide kayaks are allowed on these trips. This is a rule of the Islander and is in place to protect the crew and to minimize the number of kayaks on the deck.

Field Trips

Dr. Bobby aka Robert Field has joined us a time or two on this trip and has showcased it on his YouTube channel. Check out his videos and see what you can get into if you join us on this incredible trip.

San Clemente Island Map

The captain will determine which side to fish based on U.S. military operations, swell, wind and fishing conditions.

San Clemente Island (Kayak Mothership) News