Dana Point, California (USA)

Why Dana Point?

Well for starters, Dana Point is absolutely gorgeous. Sure that is no reason to fish, but it without a doubt a very true statement. Kayak fishing is very much a part of the Dana Point waterscape as the waters are usually calm, the inshore/offshore area is easily accessible and the fishing is great.


Food & Culture


Good eats is around every corner in Dana Point… you can score some good grub at some of our favorites eateries:


The laid back vibe of Dana Point seems to sit well with just about anyone who visits. Surfers, beach cruisers, skateboarders, kayakers, paddleboarders and many more enjoy the likes of Dana Point.

Regional Info

Dana Point is located towards the southern end of Orange County in beautiful southern California. The area boasts nice homes, big boats and a giant natural headland that begs to be photographed.

The area is visited by California locals and visitors staying in both Los Angeles and San Diego counties.

Dana Point News