Cedros Island, Mexico (5 Day Trips)

Trip Summary

Each day starts before sunrise with a three (3) minute ride to the marina where the pangas are launched from. Every day is a mothership day at Cedros Island. With no time wasted, your captain will jet you away to the first fishing spot of the day. Wash, rinse, eat, repeat each day.

Three (3) full days of kayak fishing all around Cedros Island is what this trip entails. Our partner and host takes care of just about everything for you and includes it in the package. Lodging, meals, fishing, transportation and roundtrip flight to/from the island are all accounted for in this package.

Trip Inquiry Process

The booking process starts with you completing a simple form. You can start with a question or you can tell us that you are ready to book… it is easy and painless.

Booking Questions

Trip Package




  • 6/28/21 – 7/2/21
  • 9/20/21 – 9/24/21


  • Flight to Cedros Island
  • Lodging
  • All meals included
  • Individual rooms
  • Multiple clean full bathrooms w/showers
  • Whole house water filtration
  • Panga support
  • Hobie kayaks (fully outfitted)
  • Fish processing up to 20 lbs. of fillets

Does not include: Mexican fishing license, beer (available for purchase), tip (Suggested $200-$250).

Deposit Policy

$1,000 deposit required per person. The deposit cut-off is ninety (90) days before your trip date. Balances are due within sixty (60) days of your trip date.

If booked before 11/30/2020, you can split your deposit into two (2) $500 payments. First $500 due within seven (7) days of booking. The second $500 is due on or before 1/15/20.

If booked within ninety (90) days, full payment will be required to book a spot.

Refund Policy

Refunds are not available for this trip after the cancellation period expires.

Cancellation Period: If you are booking well in advance, you can cancel up to seven (7) days after you booked and receive a full refund. Once the cancellation period has passed, no refunds will be offered.

  • If your trip is cancelled due to COVID, we will try to reschedule you before we will offer a refund.
  • Additional cleaning protocols will be in place
  • Single person sleeping arrangements

Trip Questions

How Should I Prepare?

Fish Village will help you prepare for this trip. We send a Trip Guide after you make your deposit that helps take the mystery out of the trip. The Trip Guide will tell you what kind of gear to bring, how much, weight concerns, etc.

Sea Sickness

Do you get sea sick? If you do consider getting the patch or taking Bonine or Dramamine.

This is not an endorsed ad. We use a variety of different methods that suite the individual. We are merely making a suggestion.

Fishing License
  • Required

This trip requires a valid fishing license for the entire portion of the trip.

The Mexican government has a multi-day and annual option depending on your needs. For complete rules, additional permits and fishing licenses, refer to the website.

Fish Species
  • Calico bass (POPULAR)
  • Yellowtail (POPULAR)
  • California halibut
  • California sheephead
  • Black sea bass
  • Broomtail grouper*

The lodge owner/operator Jeff Mariani is the the current IGFA all-tackle world record holder for Broomtail grouper witnessed by Fish Village founder Mike Ponce.

Field Trips

Our last trip down there was a hoot… check it out here on Rob’s Field Trips series.

Cedros Island News

11.02.20 Cedros 2021 season dates coming this week

As most of you already knew or assumed… 2020 was a bust for Cedros Island. COVID forced the Mexican government to shut down the island to tourism in order to protect their fragile community with very little medical infrastructure. Though we were bummed, we certainly understand that the people that call that call Cedros Island…