Cedros Island, Mexico

Why Cedros Island?

Some know it as the island of cedars… but anglers know it as home to one of the best kayak fisheries in all of Mexico. You will not be battling crowds, large groups and tons of boat traffic here. Our host runs the best small group fishing operation that we have ever seen. Keeping the groups small is one of the things that makes our Cedros Island fishing trips special.

Trip Options

We primarily offer 5 day packages which includes 3 full days of kayak fishing.

Trip Type
5 Day Kayak Fishing Trip


Food & Culture


If Mexican food isn’t on your list of yummy foods…it is about to be. The food you will experience on the island is nothing short of delicious.

  • Catch n’ cook
  • Local cuisine
  • Fresh made tortillas

No one will complain of being hungry or missing fast food.


Spanish + English

The majority of your crew will speak English making conversation and information easy to come by.


Life on Cedros Island is simple and un-impacted by the hustle and bustle of most modern cities. There are no big hotels, no major tourism other than fishing.

The lack of tourism is what attracts many. The town is quiet, the food is great and the fishing is off the charts. Cedros Island reminds people of the ol’ days of Baja.

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