Trip Booking Process

Our trip booking process is one of the cornerstones of our business. We have countless workflows, procedures and automated processes behind the scenes to keep our team up to speed of our customers needs.

Though we have great technology, systems and automated processes… it is the people at Fish Village and the partners we choose to work with that make the difference.

Step 1: Trip Inquiry

Just about every customer comes to with an inquiry of some sort. Even when they know that they are going to go on one of our adventures, they often still have at least a question or two. We call this process the Trip Inquiry process and it is the start of the Trip Booking Process.

Step 2: Trip Commitment

When a customer tells us that they want us to book them on one of our trips, we call this the Trip Commitment stage. This is generally an exciting moment because it means you will be going on a Fish Village trip.

Step 3: Trip Billing

Now the work begins for Fish Village… first we need to book and bill the customer so that the spot is accounted for and so that the customer can begin paying down their balance by making a deposit.

Fish Village will send the customer a booking/billing email that confirms their reservation and provides them with a link to their invoice.

Step 4: Initial Customer Payment

When booking far in advance, customers have the advantage of paying a deposit to secure their spot. If the trip deposit cut-off date has passed, then full payment is required. To learn more, refer to our Policies section.

After the initial customer payment has been received by Fish Village, we will the customer the official Trip Guide for their specific trip. The Trip Guide will take the mystery out of the fishing trip and prepare you for the upcoming adventure.

Optional Step: Additional payments at our own leisure

Step 5: Final Customer Payment

Final payments will be made per the terms and conditions of the individual trip. Upon receipt of final payment, Fish Village will send the customer an email confirming that the balance has been paid off.