01.09.22 Field Trips San Clemente Island Part 1 is LIVE

Watch Rob fly blind into a trip with a bunch of NorCal kayak fishing dudes and stick a very nice fish on day 1. And yes, there is a sea lion messing with Rob in this episode. Enjoy.

12.21.20 Do You Remember Your First Yellowtail?

If anyone is wondering why people go crazy for these trips… you might want to read this short story written by Fish Village customer Richard Williams. Not only is he a great story teller, he stuck his first yellow from a yak on our trip. Read all about it here!

11.02.20 Cedros 2021 season dates coming this week

As most of you already knew or assumed… 2020 was a bust for Cedros Island. COVID forced the Mexican government to shut down the island to tourism in order to protect their fragile community with very little medical infrastructure. Though we were bummed, we certainly understand that the people that call that call Cedros IslandContinue reading “11.02.20 Cedros 2021 season dates coming this week”

10.31.19 Field Trips finally gets a taste of Cedros Island fishing

For those of us on the West coast of the United States and especially California… Cedros Island is a well known mecca for some insane Baja style fishing. For all of those that don’t know what Cedros Island is all about… let me shed some light on that for you. Cedros Island is home toContinue reading “10.31.19 Field Trips finally gets a taste of Cedros Island fishing”