12.21.20 Do You Remember Your First Yellowtail?

If anyone is wondering why people go crazy for these trips… you might want to read this short story written by Fish Village customer Richard Williams. Not only is he a great story teller, he stuck his first yellow from a yak on our trip. Read all about it here!

12.18.20 Many are happy and some are not

The folks that are happy are the ones that are booked… the ones that are not happy are the ones that missed out. We can understand that. We know that you want to go on our trips and trust me when I say this… there is nothing more that I want then to book YOU on one of our trips. This is quite literally my dream scenario… to get you out there and fishing with us!

11.02.20 San Clemente Island kayak mothership 2021 season update

First off… we know you are pumped, we know that you want to book your next trip. We are asking for your patience. Normally we would have announced the trip dates already, traditionally right around Halloween. This year is different due to COVID, the election and more. The Islander isn’t announcing their 2021 season charterContinue reading “11.02.20 San Clemente Island kayak mothership 2021 season update”

09.30.20 2021 season schedule is upon us

It is that time of year where we are working feverishly to put together the following years schedule. This means a lot of phone calls, meetings, Excel spreadsheets, website updates and much more. We gladly do all of this to make the booking season easy for all of you. Here are just some of theContinue reading “09.30.20 2021 season schedule is upon us”

07.10.20 San Clemente Island Season Recap

My initial thoughts… WOW. Re-wind to three (3) months ago… I was in a dark and gloomy place. I thought every trip in our arsenal was about to be cancelled. Sadly, that became a reality for most of our trips, however the one bright spot was the San Clemente Island 2.5 Kayak Mothership trips. ForContinue reading “07.10.20 San Clemente Island Season Recap”

05.07.20 COVID SCI trip update

We have a lot of people asking about the San Clemente Island 2.5 day kayak mothership trips in June/July. As you would expect, people are asking a lot of questions about our most popular kayak mothership trip. Here is what we know as of now: The Islander is asking us to plan on these tripsContinue reading “05.07.20 COVID SCI trip update”