12.18.20 Many are happy and some are not

The folks that are happy are the ones that are booked… the ones that are not happy are the ones that missed out. We can understand that. We know that you want to go on our trips and trust me when I say this… there is nothing more that I want then to book YOU on one of our trips. This is quite literally my dream scenario… to get you out there and fishing with us!

11.03.20 This Louisiana trip keeps giving back… more contests

How could we get all of these goodies and not share with you guys? We couldn’t… we just couldn’t. Interested… you might want to keep reading then.

10.28.20 Without our partners… we would struggle to deliver

The blog title is more than a title… it is a sincere statement. Without our partners, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the best fishing experiences. This is not lost on us… we know that we can’t move a mountain without a team. And our team has grown since the early days of Fish VillageContinue reading “10.28.20 Without our partners… we would struggle to deliver”

09.13.20 Our Dana Point Sept schedule filled up quick

Our September schedule filled up quicker than we expected with multiple trip requests coming in over the last couple of days. This means our guide Tommy Ponce will be busy… don’t forget about Fish Village during Christmas time Tommy! Thank you to all that have expressed interest in these trips. With a little luck thisContinue reading “09.13.20 Our Dana Point Sept schedule filled up quick”