10.24.20 Made the switch to the Plano Edge tackle system

For the people that know me personally, there is no surprise that I am getting way too excited about organizing my tackle. I pride myself in my organization skills, especially when it comes to tackle and gear. So when I saw the new Plano Edge tackle system… I whipped out the credit card and threwContinue reading “10.24.20 Made the switch to the Plano Edge tackle system”

10.04.20 A handmade antler/brass death punch

Saturday morning started off very early, with ummmm some breakfast Pliny, a few shots fired from the Nerf gun and an extremely nice gesture from one of our Mad Angler friends Ryan Plummer. He stopped rigging for a second to hand my brother and I something special. A handmade antler death punch with some spentContinue reading “10.04.20 A handmade antler/brass death punch”