12.21.20 Do You Remember Your First Yellowtail?

If anyone is wondering why people go crazy for these trips… you might want to read this short story written by Fish Village customer Richard Williams. Not only is he a great story teller, he stuck his first yellow from a yak on our trip. Read all about it here!

12.18.20 Many are happy and some are not

The folks that are happy are the ones that are booked… the ones that are not happy are the ones that missed out. We can understand that. We know that you want to go on our trips and trust me when I say this… there is nothing more that I want then to book YOU on one of our trips. This is quite literally my dream scenario… to get you out there and fishing with us!

12.12.20 My South Louisiana Experience

When Louisiana was proposed as the next Fish Village scouting location it took me about 2 seconds to say, “hell yeah.” I honestly knew very little about fishing Louisiana. I had been to New Orleans as tourist, but I never really left the city. The unique eco-system, the history and the culture of the region has always intrigued me.

10.01.20 What makes a trip a Fish Village trip?

I have been asked this question at least one hundred times. The cool thing is that I sincerely don’t mind answering the question again and again. We have a no compromise approach to doing business. This means that we don’t push aside our principles, beliefs and industry best practices just to make a buck. CollectivelyContinue reading “10.01.20 What makes a trip a Fish Village trip?”

09.17.20 Process + Process + Process

What the process am I talking about? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Process, organization and logistics is creamy center within Fish Village. These processes are what creates smooth customer experiences and experiences of a lifetime. Without our processes, we have very little to offer. Trip providers rely on us to be organized, invoice, collect paymentsContinue reading “09.17.20 Process + Process + Process”