11.02.20 GBI New Zealand 2021 season dates (On Hold)

We were so freaking excited about these trips when we launched them back in March. Unfortunately our new trip campaign coincided with the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak across the globe. This caused us to cancel our Dec 2020 trips with hopes of sparking up new dates in the spring of 2021. COVID continuesContinue reading “11.02.20 GBI New Zealand 2021 season dates (On Hold)”

11.02.20 San Clemente Island kayak mothership 2021 season update

First off… we know you are pumped, we know that you want to book your next trip. We are asking for your patience. Normally we would have announced the trip dates already, traditionally right around Halloween. This year is different due to COVID, the election and more. The Islander isn’t announcing their 2021 season charterContinue reading “11.02.20 San Clemente Island kayak mothership 2021 season update”

09.30.20 2021 season schedule is upon us

It is that time of year where we are working feverishly to put together the following years schedule. This means a lot of phone calls, meetings, Excel spreadsheets, website updates and much more. We gladly do all of this to make the booking season easy for all of you. Here are just some of theContinue reading “09.30.20 2021 season schedule is upon us”

07.10.20 San Clemente Island Season Recap

My initial thoughts… WOW. Re-wind to three (3) months ago… I was in a dark and gloomy place. I thought every trip in our arsenal was about to be cancelled. Sadly, that became a reality for most of our trips, however the one bright spot was the San Clemente Island 2.5 Kayak Mothership trips. ForContinue reading “07.10.20 San Clemente Island Season Recap”

05.07.20 COVID SCI trip update

We have a lot of people asking about the San Clemente Island 2.5 day kayak mothership trips in June/July. As you would expect, people are asking a lot of questions about our most popular kayak mothership trip. Here is what we know as of now: The Islander is asking us to plan on these tripsContinue reading “05.07.20 COVID SCI trip update”

03.18.20 New Zealand Rd 2 Trip Recap

Eight (8) days on a boat with nine (9) other kayak anglers in one of the most untouched remote fishing grounds on this planet. Previously my longest mothership trip was a short three (3) day trip to the San Clemente Islands, which are about 70 miles offshore from San Diego. So I embarked on thisContinue reading “03.18.20 New Zealand Rd 2 Trip Recap”

03.12.20 Introducing our New Zealand Kayak Mothership trips

Over the last 13 months we have been working diligently to bring a new kayak mothership trip experience to our customers. Something that fires up the kayak fishing community, a trip that pushes the boundaries of our perceived reach and lastly… something that we would be proud of. Well… we did it. Introducing our latestContinue reading “03.12.20 Introducing our New Zealand Kayak Mothership trips”