12.2.20 More Fishing and More Wind

What defines us isn’t the logo on our back, the hat we are wearing, or the sweatshirt we are sporting… nope. It is our heart that defines us and the last two days of fishing on this trip proved that!

11.03.20 This Louisiana trip keeps giving back… more contests

How could we get all of these goodies and not share with you guys? We couldn’t… we just couldn’t. Interested… you might want to keep reading then.

10.25.20 2 weeks until we hit the road + NRS support

Ummmmm we are two (2) weeks out… I repeat… we are two (2) weeks away from lift-off. Boxes are piling up and the gear keeps coming. We are in full swing preparing for what should be an amazing two (2) week adventure. We have been getting shit done too… Brake controller for towing handled BuggsContinue reading “10.25.20 2 weeks until we hit the road + NRS support”

10.04.20 5 weeks until we hit the road

This idea started months ago and to think that we are only five (5) weeks out is sort of bonkers. To say that we are operating with “maximum effort” is an understatement. The team is killing it, it is a sight to behold. The details about the road trip are firming up… we are mostContinue reading “10.04.20 5 weeks until we hit the road”