12.10.20 South Louisiana Behind the Trip Part 1

This trip pushed my personal comfort levels, challenged my angling knowledge and set me straight all at the same time. This trip wasn’t without its risks, challenges and failures. It was no fairytale by any means. However I would argue to anyone that this trip was one of the most special trips I have ever taken. I quite literally have a thousand reasons to love this trip and I am going to try to cover them all… sorry in advance, this is gonna be a long one.

10.13.20 B.T.T. Louisiana Trip Planning Pt. 2

If you were to ask me what is at the center of this Louisiana effort, I would say that we are trying to put our best foot forward in our own backyard and connect people from all over the United States to incredible fishing adventures. This means more to us now than ever. Let’s re-connectContinue reading “10.13.20 B.T.T. Louisiana Trip Planning Pt. 2”

10.07.20 B.T.T. Louisiana Trip Planning Pt. 1

This segment is a three (3) part series containing behind the scenes (B.T.S.) information regarding the planning that is going into our Louisiana adventure. We are getting a lot of questions about what we plan on doing while visiting Louisiana. Are you going to New Orleans, are you fishing the Mississippi River, are you onlyContinue reading “10.07.20 B.T.T. Louisiana Trip Planning Pt. 1”