We try to keep things simple here at Fish Village, however some things need a bit more clarification than others. This section takes aim at our policies that help protect Fish Village, our partners and our customers.

Policy Section
Trip Payment Plans
Trip Billing
Trip Cancellations/Refunds
Right to Refuse
Terms of Service
Privacy Policy

Trip Payment Plans

We understand that a lot of the best fishing trips available cost a pretty penny. We don’t want to ever say no to a customer simply because the payments are a bit more than they can handle. We have an alternative to no… we say yes.

If the only obstacle that stands in your way of a bucket list fishing trip is an extra payment or two… then we at Fish Village are happy to oblige. To make the most of our payment plan option, we suggest to book early. The earlier you book means that you have more time to pay. If you book a year in advance, we can do monthly payments until your balance is zero.

We help by extending terms automatically to customers by giving them choices on how they pay for their trip.

Every trip must be paid in full sixty (60) days before their trip date.

Months AwayPayment Plan Options
3-6 months out1-2 payments + deposit
6-12 months out3-6 payments + deposit.
12 months +Monthly payments + deposit.

Payment Plan Terms & Conditions If anything arises during your payment plan that would impact your ability to follow-thru as originally committed should be discussed with a Fish Village representative as soon as possible. We sincerely appreciate communication and will do what we can to help the situation. Any customer that doesn’t follow through on their payment plan will be flagged in our system. Only full payments will be accepted after that. Any customer that simply ghosts us and does not engage with us will be flagged as ‘Do Not Book’ and no refund will be issued. This will prevent you from booking trips with Fish Village in the future.

Trip Billing

In most cases there is an exchange of emails/calls with a guest before they commit to a trip. When they do, the Fish Village billing process kicks in. We will send you an email with the following details:

  • Trip information
  • Billing summary
  • Link to invoice
  • Fish Village support contact information

In most billing situations, our clients will have seven (7) business days to make their deposit. If no deposit is received within the seven (7) business day window, we will cancel the booking. We will begin sending email reminders after the 4th business day.

Trip Cancellations/Refunds

As a general rule of thumb for trips, Fish Village does not issue refunds for cancellations. The trip providers decide on how to handle refunds before we even start selling their trips. In some cases, the trip provider will make an exception and offer a refund or make-up date.

Every Trip Page on FishVillage.com has section dedicated to payment specific information and refund information for that trip. The Trip Page will indicate if payment by check is required or if the refund policy differs from the default policy. If the policy differs from the main policy located in the Legal section of our website, the policy on the Trip page takes precedence.

For any refunds issued where there are no documented exceptions… only the balance paid – required deposit will be issued.

Right to Refuse

Every once and awhile we need to take severe action to prevent Fish Village from any future harm or risk. Fortunately this doesn’t happen that often and is really reserved for extreme situations.

  • If you have harmed our brand in any way, we will not work with you or accept any trip bookings.
  • If you have booked trips with us and never pay for them (multiple offenses).
  • If you ghost us after billing:
    • 1st offense = a warning
    • 2nd offense will result in no future bookings

Additional information available via our Terms of Service.

Terms of Service

Our Terms of Service are lengthy and detailed. If you want to learn more about our Terms of Service, click on the button below.

Privacy Policy

We know you care about privacy, we do too. To learn more about what we do with your information, click on the button below.