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Welcome to our Newsfeed. Why don’t we call it a blog? Well, that is primarily because we use this platform to inform our guests and our customers of the latest that is happening at Fish Village.

When the village elders (Fish Village partners, Partner program members or our fishing team) want to get a message out or tell a story… it will be posted to our Captain’s Quarter’s page.

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11.02.20 The new FishVillage.com trip experience has arrived

We have never delivered this much change this quickly before in all of the years that Fish Village has been around. I am proud of the efforts this team has put forward to adapt to a changing society, prepare for what is sure to be an epic Louisiana trip and to advance Fish Village and our capabilities.

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06.20.20 Pygmy GOAT Kayak Fishing Tournament

He said… “Someone has to be the GOAT.” Well, Derrick is a man of his word. The GOAT will live on, but in a smaller package, dare we say PYGMY sized??? Today Derrick hosts approx. 140+ anglers in beautiful Navarre Beach Florida. What a feat considering the challenges 2020 has presented us with. Anglers from […]

Captain’s Quarters

The village elders are the people that make up Fish Village. This section is a collection of posts, articles, stories and more from Nic, Rob, Ivy, Mike, Joe and the fishing team aka the village elders.

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10.24.20 Made the switch to the Plano Edge tackle system

For the people that know me personally, there is no surprise that I am getting way too excited about organizing my tackle. I pride myself in my organization skills, especially when it comes to tackle and gear. So when I saw the new Plano Edge tackle system… I whipped out the credit card and threw […]