12.12.20 My South Louisiana Experience

When Louisiana was proposed as the next Fish Village scouting location it took me about 2 seconds to say, “hell yeah.” I honestly knew very little about fishing Louisiana. I had been to New Orleans as tourist, but I never really left the city. The unique eco-system, the history and the culture of the region has always intrigued me.

10.24.20 Made the switch to the Plano Edge tackle system

For the people that know me personally, there is no surprise that I am getting way too excited about organizing my tackle. I pride myself in my organization skills, especially when it comes to tackle and gear. So when I saw the new Plano Edge tackle system… I whipped out the credit card and threwContinue reading “10.24.20 Made the switch to the Plano Edge tackle system”

10.04.20 A handmade antler/brass death punch

Saturday morning started off very early, with ummmm some breakfast Pliny, a few shots fired from the Nerf gun and an extremely nice gesture from one of our Mad Angler friends Ryan Plummer. He stopped rigging for a second to hand my brother and I something special. A handmade antler death punch with some spentContinue reading “10.04.20 A handmade antler/brass death punch”