10.20.20 Fish Village merch is almost here

It is almost time to release our first official round of branded gear for our team members and the Fish Village community. Sure it took us awhile… but we are here now and we couldn’t be more excited. Joe and I have had a lot of fun working with Rex of FishFrsh & ActionHat. ItContinue reading “10.20.20 Fish Village merch is almost here”

10.10.20 Enhanced Trip pages coming soon

With the transition to a new web platform came a learning curve for us. We initially thought that it would take us some time to figure out the new system. Fortunately for us, we were wrong. We flew right through that learning curve as if we already knew it. The new Trip pages are comingContinue reading “10.10.20 Enhanced Trip pages coming soon”

10.09.20 Introducing a new way to Fish Village

We have been hustling behind the scenes to bring you a content first website with fresh posts and updates to keep you all in the loop. Updates about our company, trips, events and more. Editorials, trip reviews, insights, behind the scenes by the Fish Village team. How-to articles and videos by the Fish Village fishingContinue reading “10.09.20 Introducing a new way to Fish Village”

10.06.20 Pull up a chair and check out Field Trips

Sometimes you have to take a moment to remember some of the better moments you have had. Fortunately, Robert Field has filmed some of the better fishing moments/experiences in my life and has chronicled them on YouTube for all to enjoy. I found myself watching video after video, series after series only to want more.Continue reading “10.06.20 Pull up a chair and check out Field Trips”

09.17.20 Process + Process + Process

What the process am I talking about? Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Process, organization and logistics is creamy center within Fish Village. These processes are what creates smooth customer experiences and experiences of a lifetime. Without our processes, we have very little to offer. Trip providers rely on us to be organized, invoice, collect paymentsContinue reading “09.17.20 Process + Process + Process”

08.05.20 Getting real about the impacts of COVID

I write this with respect to everyone out there dealing with the impacts of COVID. As many of you already know, 2020 has been a rough year so far and we don’t anticipate that it will get much better for quite some time. What does that mean to Fish Village? We have dealt with hugeContinue reading “08.05.20 Getting real about the impacts of COVID”

04.03.20 Our initial response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is something that has affected us all, and while it is certain we have some difficult days ahead of us we would like to reaffirm our commitment to you, our loyal and trusted customer. There are current travel restrictions throughout the world in response to this public health emergency we are currentlyContinue reading “04.03.20 Our initial response to COVID-19”

01.16.20 Our village has grown

We wanted to make a big splash this year and show the industry that we mean business. We wanted to provide opportunities for some that are just getting started in the industry and we wanted to pair up with some leaders as well. Well… I kinda think we nailed it! We were absolutely blown awayContinue reading “01.16.20 Our village has grown”