Louisiana Road Trip 2020

Keep Up With Us

Follow along with Fish Village as we head to Louisiana for a week of marsh fishing with a bunch of our friends. Joe, Mike and Pops will be heading to Houston first for a visit with some friends. We will be posting updates, videos and pics along the way.

Crafted Fishing Rods Giveaway

To learn more about how you can win a custom spinning combo + $200 off the soon to be offered Venice Louisiana 5 Day Fishing Trip click the link below.

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Road Trip Begins

Redfish Gear Contest

We want to give away a little bit of the good will that our partners shared with us to ensure that we have a great experience in Louisiana.

Coming soon!

85th Day Rod Contest

The mad scientist himself… aka the GOAT Derrick Benton made Fish Village a trio of rods for this trip and we are going to giveaway one of them.

Coming soon!

10.18.20 3 weeks until we hit the road

It feels like we are leaving next week… but thank goodness we have three more weeks because shit is getting crazy. I mean don’t get us wrong, we want to hurry up and leave already, but we still have some logistics to work through. We have gear bags, tackle, tackle storage, more tackle, camera gear, […]


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