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10.04.20 A handmade antler/brass death punch

Saturday morning started off very early, with ummmm some breakfast Pliny, a few shots fired from the Nerf gun and an extremely nice gesture from one of our Mad Angler friends Ryan Plummer. He stopped rigging for a second to hand my brother and I something special. A handmade antler death punch with some spent […]

Louisiana Road Trip

Follow us on our journey to Louisiana and back. We will be posting updates weekly up until the road trip begins and then daily as the trip unfolds.

10.18.20 3 weeks until we hit the road

It feels like we are leaving next week… but thank goodness we have three more weeks because shit is getting crazy. I mean don’t get us wrong, we want to hurry up and leave already, but we still have some logistics to work through. We have gear bags, tackle, tackle storage, more tackle, camera gear, […]

10.15.20 Another one… Brian Nelli joins the Louisiana team

We wanted to assemble a crazy good team for this content, media, trip development blitz that we are about to go on next month. We wanted some newbie’s to the marsh/redfish scene and we wanted some pros that can help us catch some fish… our poor guide can’t help fifteen (15) people at once now […]

10.13.20 B.T.S. Louisiana Trip Planning Pt. 2

If you were to ask me what is at the center of this Louisiana effort, I would say that we are trying to put our best foot forward in our own backyard and connect people from all over the United States to incredible fishing adventures. This means more to us now than ever. Let’s re-connect […]