06.20.20 Pygmy GOAT Kayak Fishing Tournament

He said… “Someone has to be the GOAT.” Well, Derrick is a man of his word. The GOAT will live on, but in a smaller package, dare we say PYGMY sized??? Today Derrick hosts approx. 140+ anglers in beautiful Navarre Beach Florida. What a feat considering the challenges 2020 has presented us with. Anglers fromContinue reading “06.20.20 Pygmy GOAT Kayak Fishing Tournament”

05.07.20 COVID SCI trip update

We have a lot of people asking about the San Clemente Island 2.5 day kayak mothership trips in June/July. As you would expect, people are asking a lot of questions about our most popular kayak mothership trip. Here is what we know as of now: The Islander is asking us to plan on these tripsContinue reading “05.07.20 COVID SCI trip update”

04.10.20 Fishing w/ Friends is on hold until further notice

Unfortunately the Fishing w/ Friends kayak fishing tournament is on hold until further notice. This is the last thing that Pure Watersports wants to do, however they have strict guidelines to follow in order to operate during a pandemic. We completely understand considering the challenges we are facing today. Whenever they get the green lightContinue reading “04.10.20 Fishing w/ Friends is on hold until further notice”

04.03.20 Our initial response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is something that has affected us all, and while it is certain we have some difficult days ahead of us we would like to reaffirm our commitment to you, our loyal and trusted customer. There are current travel restrictions throughout the world in response to this public health emergency we are currentlyContinue reading “04.03.20 Our initial response to COVID-19”

03.12.20 Introducing our New Zealand Kayak Mothership trips

Over the last 13 months we have been working diligently to bring a new kayak mothership trip experience to our customers. Something that fires up the kayak fishing community, a trip that pushes the boundaries of our perceived reach and lastly… something that we would be proud of. Well… we did it. Introducing our latestContinue reading “03.12.20 Introducing our New Zealand Kayak Mothership trips”

03.06.20 Fred Hall Long Beach is where it is at today

Team Fish Village will be on-site at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach California today. We scaled back our tradeshow schedule this year to help us get ready for a big year in trip development. If you want to see us, we will be helping the Pure Watersports booth out today and tomorrow 3/7.Continue reading “03.06.20 Fred Hall Long Beach is where it is at today”

02.26.20 2020 Fishing with Friends schedule is out

We are excited to announce the 2020 schedule for the Fishing with Friends tournament series presented by Pure Watersports of Dana Point, California. This fun series is simple and a perfect place to test your competitive spirit without having to get too serious about a tournament event. Come on down and enjoy the fun with us. FishContinue reading “02.26.20 2020 Fishing with Friends schedule is out”

01.16.20 Our village has grown

We wanted to make a big splash this year and show the industry that we mean business. We wanted to provide opportunities for some that are just getting started in the industry and we wanted to pair up with some leaders as well. Well… I kinda think we nailed it! We were absolutely blown awayContinue reading “01.16.20 Our village has grown”

10.31.19 Field Trips finally gets a taste of Cedros Island fishing

For those of us on the West coast of the United States and especially California… Cedros Island is a well known mecca for some insane Baja style fishing. For all of those that don’t know what Cedros Island is all about… let me shed some light on that for you. Cedros Island is home toContinue reading “10.31.19 Field Trips finally gets a taste of Cedros Island fishing”