Our Fishing Team

They say you are who you surround yourself by… well if that is the case then we are in good shape. Fish Village has one of the best fishing teams out there with professionals from coast to coast and across the pond.

Captains Team

Ivy Harris

Home: Central Florida (US)
Background: 20 + year military veteran that knows a thing or two about logistics.
Top Spots: Malaysia, Hawaii, Costa Rica

Derrick Benton

Home: Panhandle Florida (US)
Background: Rod builder, the original G.O.A.T., master shit talker and part fish.
Top Spots: Thailand, Fiji, Patagonia

Brian Nelli

Home: South Florida (US)
Background: Overall bad ass kayak angler. Professional guide and tournament angler.
Top Spots: India, Australia, Alaska

Marty Gittens

Home: Melbourne Australia
Background: Legend status weird dude that is at the center of what is good for kayak fishing.
Top Spots: New Zealand, Alaska, Texas

Trip Ambassadors

Jesse Landry

Home: Northern California (US)
Top Spots: Australia, Panama, Alaska

Ryan Howell

Home: Central Coast California (US)
Top Spots: Alaska, New Zealand, Puerto Vallarta

Tournament Ambassadors

Billy Centrone

Home: South Florida (US)
Top Spots: Panama, Dry Tortugas, Mexico

Sean Rigby

Home: Mississippi (US)
Top Spots: Pompano, Islamorada, West Coast (US)

Paul Rountree

Home: North Island (New Zealand)
Top Spots: Panama, Costa Rica, Niue

Brand Ambassadors

Brandon Barton

Home: Pandhandle Florida (US)
Top Spots: Panama, Amazon, Florida Keys

Kyle Zemke

Home: Idaho (US)
Top Spots: New Zealand, Frazier River, British Columbia

Bryan Hildebrandt

Home: Southern California (US)
Top Spots: Any mothership locations

Tommy Ponce

Home: Southern California (US)
Top Spots: Ascension Island, New Zealand

Kaleb Kvartek

Home: Pandhandle Florida (US)
Top Spots: Great Barrier Reef, Panama, Venice (Louisiana)

Frank Roznos

Home: Southern California (US)
Top Spots: Panama, Cedros Island, Australia, New Zealand

Eric Muhoberac

Home: South Louisiana (US)
Top Spots: Galapagos Islands, New Zealand, Tristan da Cunha

Scott Bryant

Home: Brisbane (Austraila)
Top Spots: Panama, Amazon River

Charlie Wardle

Home: Southern California (US)
Top Spots: Hawaii, Panama, New Zealand