07.27.23 SCI 2023 is open for booking

As promised, the 2.5 day San Clemente Island kayak mothership trip is open for booking. If you reached out and tried to secure yourself on the short list… you were wise.

For those that reached out already, you are booked. Formal booking/billing emails coming within the next 24 hours.

We are at 16 of 22 spots booked already… with email confirmations out to several others. This will sell-out before the weekend officially starts.

We DO have a second trip the following weekend… if we book out the first trip 100% and we see enough demand for a second trip, we will release it.

We can tell that people aren’t ready to say good-bye to this trip quite yet… this inspires us to figure out an alternative so that we can keep doing these trips.

Thank you again for your support… we are so happy to see people snatching up this opportunity.

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