05.12.23 New podcast alert – Jesse talking about his bass journey

The boys sat down for a discussion about Jesse’s bass fishing journey… everything from why he started going down this path to what is next for him.

It is no secret that I suck at freshwater bass fishing. The more I learn about bass fishing… I know why I suck. It is so damn technical. Jesse hits on these points and explains what draws him to this style of fishing considering his strong background in saltwater fishing.

“It is the challenge” he says. Challenge indeed.

Often I find myself being a lazy fisherman and just having a good time with the boys instead of going hard and changing out lures and trying to figure out the bite. I personally find it much easier to find and catch calico or sand bass.

Bass fishing is challenging by itself… but then you throw kayak fishing on top of that to make it even harder. Listen to the podcast to hear more about this and why it is more challenging from a kayak than a boat.

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