09.03.22 Finally, it is time to go back to New Zealand

The last time we went to New Zealand… something happened to the world. I forgot the name of it… something ‘vid. Well FUCK COVID and the horse it rode in on. It is time to resume normal operations… well, a new normal.

This wasn’t accomplished by ourselves… this was not done in silo. This is 2+ years of work between two incredible teams Fish Village and BerleyPro… but we feel uncomfortable even saying that… this is really the mad science behind the legend of Marty Gittens. He is the guy that connects all of the dots, fills gaps and makes this trip so easy for us to plan for. Logistics for trips like this is not easy… so bravo to Marto for his persistence! We are so incredibly fortunate to work with Marty and call him our friend. Through his incredible commitment to the kayak fishing community we have created a path for Americans and other international travelers to join Marty and Captain Aaron of Bounty Hunter Charters on one of the most exotic and equally unique bucket list kayak fishing destinations on planet Earth.

We ain’t playing no more… it is time to start sending people over to New Zealand to experience what we have experienced ourselves. So what does that mean?

The official entry requirement for ANYONE entering New Zealand is that you must be fully vaccinated. If you are not vax’d, you have to go through a very long and costly protocol that will almost certainly result in your decision to not go on this trip. So for that reason, you must be vax’d. This is not a political statement or a stance… it is just the reality and we cannot afford to not be 100% transparent about the expectations of this trip. New Zealand took the hardest stance on protecting their citizens when compared to any other country. We have to play by their rules if we want to fish for giant snapper and even bigger yellowtail kingfish.

We are working through the weekend to make this trip available to book by early next week (most likely by Tuesday 9/6). Until then… you are just going to have to wait! Brutal… I know.

Sending love and appreciation to the following people… First and foremost to my wife Sylvia… for putting up with this chaos and for being the point of contact for our customers. Marty Gittens, Stephen Tapp, Robert Field, Nic Gadouas, Joseph Martinez, Ivy Harris, Brooks Beatty, Aaron Covacich and Jesse Landry… all of your contributions are not lost on me… I repeat, this was NOT a silo victory.

Love to you all!

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