08.24.22 Our first attempt at a podcast was a complete failure

We failed so hard that I wish we were recording the entire process because it was hilarious. Talk about a comedy of errors…

For a little over a week we struggled to even get on the same schedule. With jobs, side hustles and family lives… it was hard to kick-start a new routine. Once we finally aligned our schedules, we ran into issue after issue and then the booze kicked in for one particular team member. I can’t say his name, but I will give you a hint… IT WAS JOE!

Joe starts the podcast session… I join and we can’t hear each other. A few clicks later, I can hear Joe, but Joe can’t hear me. Click, click, click… still nothing. Joe joins, hangs up… joins again. After a few rounds of diagnosing… Joe can finally hear me. We start chatting up a storm and Jesse joins the session and guess what… he can’t hear us.

So Jesse starts messing with his equipment and then I walk away for 5 mins to talk to my wife. I come back and they can’t hear me. WHAT THE FUCK? I changed nothing. So I hung up and re-joined and clicked, un-checked, clicked, clicked… ohhhh I was on mute. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

35-40 minutes have passed and we finally all connect. All three of us could see and hear each other… then Joe’s internet started to go out. Then his feed was crappy… then we realized how hilarious this whole process was and that Joe had a LOT of Irish coffee.

We gave up and gave it another shot the next day… happy to report that we successfully recorded our first podcast. We record episode number 2 tonight. Stateroom etiquette is the topic of discussion for our first podcast. Smelly feet, farts and naked dudes… hell ya! Our podcast will be live in September… stay tuned!

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