08.17.22 Introducing Jesse… aka SavageHooksetters to the Fish Village family

Some of you may have figured it out already… but we got a new team member on the squad. Jesse Landry aka Mr. SavageHooksetters is a customer that quickly became a friend of Fish Village and friend to me personally. If you have ever met the dude… you know why.

Jesse was born on a cold winter night… nah, just kidding. He represents the vibe that Fish Village brings to the table… let’s start there. He is loyal, fun as fuck, most of the time he is funny (most of the time), he is extremely business savvy and isn’t satisfied with the kayak fishing options that are out there so he wants to join in on the fight to fix that.

We have spent time with Jesse on the water, with the family, while traveling, during good times and bad… nothing changes. Jesse is our dude.

If you have been following us on social for awhile now, you probably noticed a sudden up-tick in posting activity, engagements, etc. All of that is because of the great work that Jesse is doing for us… already making an impact.

His work won’t stop there… he has plans on growing our trip offering, coming up with new meet-ups and events and will lend a hand in growing our brand through our various merchandise offerings. If he can help… he will find a way.

If you haven’t already done so… please welcome our friend, our homie and our brother Jesse Landry to the team. He instantly up’d our game the day he joined our team.

So in case you are wondering… the podcast regulars will be me, Joe and Jesse with visits from Rob, Nic, Marty and our tight network of homies that make this job so rewarding. Even our failed first attempt at a podcast had us laughing our asses off… it is gonna be fun!

Welcome aboard homie!

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