08.03.22 The Marty Chronicles: 24 hours, 2 counties and 200 miles of driving… yes we are hungover

Marty has been making the rounds across the United States visiting friends, dealers and unsuspecting fish along the way. As always, this means that wherever he goes, fun and hilarity will follow.

We knew he was coming, just not exactly when. At some point he would have to fly to Los Angeles before making the 15+ hour flight back to Melbourne Australia. Well, we got the call the other day and we cleared our schedule because it ain’t often that our favorite Aussie is in town.

Boy… my head is spinning… like, for reals.

There is no one like Marty. A little past 10 PM last night, Joe and Marty finally make it to my place and the first thing he says to my wife is… “Hi, nice to meet you, I am Mike’s Australian wife.” And the laughs started.

Marty needed to make a couple of stops in our neck of the woods, so we figured that we would take him to the places that he needed to go so that we could make the most of his time here. One of those stops included our home on the water… Pure Watersports in Dana Point.

So… the last 24 hours went something like this:


  • Pick Marty up from LAX 8 PM
  • Make a quick stop at a LA brewery 8:30 PM
  • Drive to Mike’s place 10 PM
  • Beers 10 PM – 2 AM
  • Wake-up 7 AM
  • Breakfast 8:30 AM (really just stared at it, it was a nice thought though)
  • First business stop 10 AM
  • Pure Watersports Noon
  • Bourbon w/ Timmy 1 PM
  • Third business stop 2 PM
  • Back to Mike’s place 3:30 PM
  • One more beer 4 PM
  • Pics, hugs, goodbye’s 4:30 PM
  • Tacos 6 PM
  • Drop Marty off at LAX 8 PM


  • Time in California: 24 hours
  • Time on the road: 4 hours
  • Miles driven: 200+
  • Counties crossed: 2
  • Hours of sleep: 5
  • IPAs smashed: 18 12 oz. cans, 2 Pliny’s, 2 Pabst
  • 1 Chicago handshake
  • 1 visit from Tommy Ponce
  • 1 bourbon each
  • 1 cuddle waterside in Dana Point
  • 3 room clearing farts
  • No vomit or spew as Marty says

We know how to make the most of an opportunity… just ask the half-dead dude with the funny accent how he feels. Enjoy the 15 hour flight homie. We loved having you, it wasn’t enough time… until Feb 2023 in Melbourne!

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