08.02.22 How Is It August Already?

July marked the end of our 2022 kayak mothership season here in California. I could have sworn that was yesterday when in reality that was a few weeks ago. I feel old… all I heard as a kid was how the time flies… the months go by faster and faster… blah blah blah. Well shit… say it ain’t so.

We have some fun plans for the month of August…

  • Marty Gittens of BerleyPro and Tasline will be in town visiting us before he heads back to Australia
  • News about the 2023 New Zealand season
  • Our first 4 podcasts will be recorded
  • News about the 2023 SCI Kayak Mothership season
  • A custom built Crafted Fishing Rods tuna rod reveal (it is a thing of beauty)

This past weekend we visited with our friends from Heroes on the Water and Mad Anglers down in San Diego. It was the first event for the group under the new chapter leadership. We showed up to support our vets and to support our friends that make this great organization possible. It was well organized, a lot of community support. tons of kayaks with great people talking about healing. We learned so much. We’ll share more about this event in an upcoming blog later this week.

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