07.27.22 A funny story is just that… funny

Over the years we have played witness to some incredible fishing stories and even better… some hilarious ones as well. I often find myself curled over with fart inducing laughter on our fishing trips or at our events.

We wanted to create another medium to share our stories and experiences with less writing and more talking. When throwing around ideas of what to talk about, we quickly realized that we were sitting on some great content that would be fun to have a conversation about. Most of the content will generate a chuckle or two… some will be informative or a deep dive into a topic.

So there it is… we are starting a podcast. We hope that you find it fun, informative and worthwhile. We have begun the process of building a backlog of podcasts so that we can start releasing on a schedule. Per our current schedule, we will begin releasing weekly podcasts towards the end of August.

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