07.25.22 Getting Back After It… The Dream Continues

Hello everyone… it has been a minute since I addressed our core audience, our followers, our friends and our loyal trip providers. I wanted to clear the air, set the record straight about a few things and with that will be some brutal honesty.

Where have we been?

That is a fair question… we haven’t been very active on our platforms, we don’t have new offerings, we haven’t been out an about traveling and coming up with new trip offerings. For a lack of a better term… things have been dead. Why?

To put it bluntly… COVID shut down operations for over half of the companies we were working with. COVID caused financial hardship on Fish Village, which resulted in many things slowing down or shutting down. Is COVID to blame for everything? That is a hard no.

Overtime we discovered that we had lost some passion and passion is what pulled us through everything up until this point. Without the fuel to keep that fire lit… the best we could do is just keep the lights on. That isn’t why we are in this business… none of us wanted to sacrifice time, money and energy just to keep the lights on. We wanted so much more than that.

A pivotal moment helped us turn the corner…

At one point I am sitting down in my home office writing up a blog that was meant to explain why Fish Village is shutting down. It was an early weekend morning before anyone was up and I was already emotional and tearing up as I make-up every single excuse on why we failed to the point where we had to shut down. I couldn’t get the words onto the screen… I couldn’t say “sorry, we failed, all of this was for nothing.” I just couldn’t do it.

Shortly following this I had a conversation with a good friend that I met through the trips that Fish Village puts on and started talking about how he could help Fish Village… fast forward several months and we were discussing how he can eliminate our debt, grow our brand and help build more trips. These conversations transitioned into an incredibly meaningful partnership that re-ignited the fire that led to this blog post versus the ‘other’ one. An official announcement is coming soon… we are just getting the engines rev’d up again.

The dream continues…

In closing… Fish Village is NOT shutting down! Fish Village has NOT given up! We are re-energized, we are re-focused and we are ready for this next chapter.

So what does that mean? For starters… we won’t post a blog every three months. We are expecting 2-3 posts per week. Next up… fresh content and a focus on sharing more. Annnnnnd of course… new trips!

Thank you for being what Fish Village is today. Thank you for going on our trips, participating in our events, purchasing our swag and engaging in our social media. Thank you for your referrals, for your patience and understanding. Every business is nothing without their customers and followers… we are no exception to the rule.

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