01.09.22 Field Trips San Clemente Island Part 1 is LIVE

Before Rob was a partner, he was the dude that was inspiring us on YouTube just like he does today for so many people. Every time there is a Field Trips episode staring a Fish Village trip it gets me all excited… like a kid waiting for Disneyland to open.

Last year Rob joined the inaugural Fresh n Salty + Fish Village 2.5 kayak mothership charter to knock another new species off his list, capture some amazing content and help share how much fun these trips are with the kayak fishing community.

This trip was overbooked due to incredibly high demand which means I was not able to join. Rob looked at me and said… “You are not going?” and then said “Well that is good because I brought nothing and need to borrow everything…”

Jokes aside… what impresses me is that he was grinding with his edits, flying all over the place, visiting his Mom, gets no sleep and sticks a 32 inch ‘calibut’ (thanks Nic, gonna use that more often) on the first day. This is why he has a show.

Oh… and thanks for sticking my kayak with my gaff. And one last thing… all of the west coast and Mexico forgive you about irons. Jesse and I are having a good chuckle about this one. Thanks to Field Trips… irons may finally catch on in southern California and Mexico.

Enjoy part 1 now with part 2 coming on Thursday.

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