01.05.22 We missed you… WE ARE BACK!

To say that we have missed you is an understatement. We miss you, we miss your stories about our trips, we miss the trips, we miss Australia, we miss New Zealand and we miss everything that makes us all feel normal. I know for a fact that you all feel the same way.

Bottom line, we got our ass kicked by the results of a changing economy, government rules regarding travel and endless rounds of COVID. Our entire trajectory changed after March 2020.

Our soul was gutted, our drive emptied and with our heads hanging low we found inspiration in our family members, our friends and our fans of Fish Village. We weren’t sure how to proceed, however many of you felt that we weren’t done with our journey. I have had countless conversations with people telling us how we inspire them to get out, fish, meet new people. The kayak fishing community has come to appreciate what we are trying to build and this is the reason we can’t just say sorry… we are done.

We thank you for the love, support and understanding about how COVID has impacted us. We know that YOU have been impacted, that you have felt the pain too. We feel for each and every one of you for the pain and suffering you have all endured… it seems that no one has been spared except for Jeff Bezos, he seems to be doing alright.

So, what does 2022 look like. For starters… I hope 2022 is infinitely better than the last two years for everyone. With that being said… we have a say in some of this and we are saying… FUCK IT. Let’s grow our trip trip offering where we can. Let’s reach for the stars and continue to push the limits of kayak fishing adventures ONE freaking trip at a time.

San Clemente Island Kayak Mothership Trips

  • Stepping up to seven (7) trips this season
  • Five (5) x 2.5 days trips
    • 1 x Central Coast Kayak Fishing
    • 2 x Fresh n Salty
    • 2 x Pure Watersports
  • Two (2) x 3.5 days trips
    • 2 x Friends of Fish Village
  • 2.5 day – $955 w/ $300 deposit
  • 3.5 day – $1,390 w/ $400 deposit
  • Credit and debit cards will be accepted with no additional fees.
  • If deposit is not received within seven (7) days, we will cancel your booking

2022 Booking Process Changes

The biggest change in 2022 is…

If you went on our trip in 2021, you will have first right of refusal AFTER we place people that pushed their reservation from 2021 to 2022 due to trip changes last year. We have a small number of folks that meet this criteria. We will reach out to them first and then reach out to every single person that booked with us last year.

As a result of having some people spillover from last year, we could end up overbooked. If this scenario occurs, we will remove the last booked person(s) from the 2021 roster. We don’t anticipate much contention here.

With the exception of Central Coast Kayak Fishing (CCKF) and Fresh & Salty trips, if the weather is not permitting of kayak fishing operations at the islands, we will convert to tuna trips. Refunds will not be offered unless the Islander cannot run the boat at all.

CCKF and FNS community trips will be managed by their community leaders with payments handled by Fish Village.

So what does this mean to you? Well if you booked and were on the final roster last year, there is an incredibly high probability that you will end up on another trip. We will contact you within the next ten (10) days.

If you did not book with us last year or cancelled, you will have a chance to book after our customers have responded.

We are moving towards this approach to reward the patronage and loyalty of our customers. We had too many problems with people telling us that they didn’t receive our email, thus we feel this is no longer the right approach. This won’t be our approach for every trip we create and sell, but it feels right for our San Clemente Island kayak mothership trips.

This is the first communication of many regarding our SCI kayak mothership trips. Please be patient as we reach out to everyone and start the booking process.

We thank you for your support and look forward to an incredible SCI season in June and early July.

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