07.29.21 The Fish Village vibe is a thing Pt. 1

One thing that has remained consistent across almost all of our trips, international and domestic… there is vibe to Fish Village trips. Sure, you can argue that there is a vibe to any trip, but multiple experiences throughout the June/July kayak mothership season really drove this point home.

For starters our season kicked off with shit kayak fishing weather, bad enough to cancel the mothership trip. The Islander offered to take us bluefin fishing instead… an option that had not presented itself in the past. Did our group of anglers want to say no and throw in the towel? F*&* NO. Each and everyone of them said… let’s go offshore in terrible conditions and fish for a fish of a lifetime with Captain Pete at the helm of the Islander and Fish Village.

This group had a freaking blast. I saw people get worked by pissed off bluefin, I saw people tear up when they landed a 20 pounder and then I saw people literally cheering on their compadres when hooked up to a bluefin for the first time. Foul fishing weather… no one except me and Charlie noticed (LOL). I was able to fish with Fish Village team members Ryan Howell of CCKF, Jesse Landry and Charlie Wardle… if that wasn’t enough our friends Andy O’Brien and Zach Clift joined in on the fun as well. We laughed as much as we fished… but that didn’t stop Andy from landing a beast, Jesse sticking a few including a big one and Ryan showing us how to stick em and land them. The Fish Village vibe was mentioned by others multiple times. I left this trip worked, but so satisfied.

Onto the following week when the Fresh n Salty crew rolled into San Diego and took over the landing for a short bit before heading off to San Clemente Island for the 2nd trip of the season… but the first kayak mothership trip of the season. One of the first things that Robert Field said was… “they are so organized.” For reals. Fresh n Salty knows how to roll. They show up in the same shirts, organized, minimal gear and HAPPY AF to head offshore with the host of Field Trips. Everyone was vibing hard… and that was just at the docks. Once they got to the island they absolutely killed it. Set a record for most halibut caught by a kayak group and put 50 yellows on the deck. If that ain’t vibing… I don’t know what is.

So is the Fish Village vibe a real thing? Apparently so. The vibe continues through four (4) more trips, culminating with an on the water kayak fishing wedding… WHAT? Stay tuned for Pt. 2.

I appreciate every person that helped reignite the passion for what we do and every person that shared what the Fish Village vibe means to you. Thank you!

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