07.14.21 Congrats to the Miller family

As you all know, we have been busy with our annual San Clemente Island kayak mothership trips. We have so much to share with you… so many incredible moments that we were blessed to be a part of. One of those moments was particularly special because I was honored to perform my first wedding as an officiant. Not just any wedding… a kayak fishing wedding.

The story starts off with a conversation with Steve Miller. First, he wasn’t able to book two (2) spots initially because we sold out so quickly. As fate would have it… a spot opened up for him and Felicia and they took it. From there Steve asked if they could get married on the Islander. A few emails and calls later we had a wedding plan.

If a kayak fishing couple wants to get married on one of our kayak mothership trips… you better believe I am marrying them. An online application, a few questions later… I was ordained.

Weather has been threatening just about every trip we ran this year. Winds at one point were un-safe to launch kayaks, so we converted to bluefin tuna trips. This trip looked doomed at one point… but thanks to the hard work and dedication of owner John Conniff and Captain Pete, we had three great days of fishing culminating with one of the nicest days I have ever had at San Clemente Island. They found the only spots not blowing and gave all of us a chance to catch fish. This also created the best window and backdrop for a kayak fishing wedding.

Thank you Theresa for the great shot!

I wasn’t the only person that recognized the special moment… the Islander crew went out of their way to make Steve and Felicia’s day special. Shortly before sunset we all gathered at the stern for a quick reading and vows. My Dad was the official witness (super cool), Jake (Islander crew), took photos, Theresa (Fish Village customer), helped with her dress and filmed the ceremony, Mike (Islander chef) prepared the absolute best meal I have ever eaten on the Islander, duck breast with some crazy orange sauce (that was AMAZING) and made a freaking cake!!! Champagne and bourbon flowed throughout the evening.

I was overrun with emotions and I wasn’t the one getting married. Seeing everyone come together for a stranger’s wedding was a gift. I was hearing hooting and hollering from all over the boat. I know with conviction that I am surrounded by the best customers and partners like Islander Sportfishing. Thank you to each and everyone of you for making this moment special for Steve and Felicia.

Today I got a text from Felicia stating that the county accepted their finalized marriage certificate which makes this official! I am super proud to introduce Mr. Steve and Mrs. Felicia “Fish” Miller. May you have endless years of happiness and never stop fishing! I could never thank you enough for this honor!

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