05.06.21 Field Trips + Louisiana = GOLD

We needed some fresh positive energy to spark the drive to re-build from a rough 14 months. Well when Rob called me the other day and said that the Louisiana series is ready to roll… it was just the news I needed to hear to get the team fired up.

Sure Rob is our partner in crime, but that doesn’t stop us from being fans of his show. We started as a fan of his work which resulted in us eventually connecting as business partners. With that being said… we still get excited when a new Field Trips with Robert Field drops on YouTube. And of course we get even MORE excited when his show is on one of our trips.

So… the first episode dropped on Tuesday May 4th… check it out below if you missed it:

The video starts with a stalk… Rob, Rex and Brooks were chasing redfish into the skinnies when Rob laid down the perfect cast. He gets into the food, the people, the vibe and ummmm the wind. And it wouldn’t be a Field Trips + Fish Village series if Rob didn’t catch me stuffing my face with fish. Thanks Rob, appreciate the ‘Johnny on the Spot‘ camera work!

The next video is scheduled to be released on YouTube next Tuesday May 11th. We also have a few more Louisiana stories to tell and people to thank so stay tuned to our blog.

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