03.24.21 We have been quiet….

As you all know… 2020 was brutal for just about everyone. COVID spared very few from disruption and chaos. We thought 2021 would be a lot different. Sure, things are moving in a direction that appears to be good for the economy and good for travel… but with so many people NOT vaccinated, things are slow to change.

What does the current state of affairs mean to Fish Village? It means change.

It means that our growth strategy has been significantly impacted… it means that our trip options have nearly vanished and it makes it incredibly hard to run a business. Bottom line… when people don’t travel, it isn’t good for everyone and it certainly isn’t good for Fish Village.

As countries continue to vaccinate and strategize how to operate in a post pandemic environment… we expect to see a spike in travel. We expect to open up trip options such as New Zealand, future Australia offerings, Mexico and more. The future isn’t bleak… it is bright.

Though the future looks bright… we have some major hurdles ahead of us including some tough decisions.

As a lot of you know… we are sponsoring the PYGMY Goat Offshore Kayak Fishing Tournament in June later this year. This will be the last tournament we sponsor for the foreseeable future. We will be focusing our efforts and marketing dollars on growing our trip offering going forward. This decision doesn’t come lightly… we wanted to be a part of the kayak fishing tournament scene as it continues to grow, but we have to pick our battles right now. Right now… we are choosing to build incredible fishing experiences and nothing more!

Though we may have had a slow start to the year… we certainly will not be finishing slow. Here is a sneak peak on what we have in store for you:

  • More international trips will be opening up
  • San Clemente Island kayak mothership trips kick off on June 10th
  • South Louisiana kayak fishing trips will be opening up
  • We have something sweet brewing in Maui
  • More shirt/sweatshirt designs coming to our online shop

We are down… but not out. We are bruised… but not battered. It means the world to us to know that you guys care… that you guys want to rep our brand… and that you guys want to go on our trips. It fuels our drive to keep pushing forward.


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