03.09.21 Weekly Recap (3/1 – 3/7)

Let’s see… what happened last week? We were at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach… wait, no. It was cancelled this year due to COVID. It was weird to have the first week of March open for probably the first time in nearly a decade. Soooo I did what any self respecting angler would do… I WENT FISHING.

Spent the weekend in Carlsbad and fished on Charlie’s new boat Dumb Luck (perfect name). We searched for big rockfish and instead found some bumpy seas and only a handful of fish tacos. Though only a few… there were no skunks onboard! As always… I loved getting out and we had a blast.

Oh yeah… we ALSO launched our online store. It took us long enough… that is for sure, but we did it. We have received some orders already and we are encouraged about your support for our brand. THANK YOU!

Over the next 6-8 weeks we will be releasing additional designs and colorways. Stay tuned for more updates about our shop.

As the COVID haze/fog begins to lift, people will want to travel again. Fish Village is hard at work to re-establish our trip offerings. We aren’t quite there yet, however it is our highest priority.

Fish Village will be making some tough decisions to ensure that we can support and expand our trip offerings. We have to take a look at everything we are doing so that we can re-align to a new world. More on these changes coming soon.

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