03.02.21 Weekly Recap (2/15 – 3/1)

Sometimes… life gets in the way of our plans. In this case, I have been dealing with some issues with my home that required my full attention and it is tax season which means that we had to close out the 2020 books before we could file. Glad that is over… now we can get back to business.

Fish Village Shop

We are ready to launch! We only held back because our orders will be fulfilled by ActionHat in Texas. As many of you know, Texas was dealing with some catastrophic weather recently, so we thought it would be best to just wait until our friends in Texas were back up and running.

Fortunately ActionHat has recovered from the freak winter storm and is ready to fulfill our orders as soon as we launch. We expect to launch tomorrow or Thursday at the latest. We will have two designs for sweatshirts, long sleeves and t-shirts in a multitude of colors and sizes.

Fish Village Trip Update

We are monitoring the COVID situation here in the U.S. and abroad to better understand the travel impacts. We expect to begin offering more trips as the year goes on. Here is a brief status of our trips:

TripTrip PageStatus
Cedros Island Kayak Fishing (4 Day)ViewBook Now
Cedros Island Kayak Fishing (5 Day)ViewBook Now
New Zealand Kayak Mothership (9 Day)ViewTargeting Dec 2021
San Clemente Island Kayak Mothership (2.5 Day)View6/10 – 6/13 (1 spot open)
San Clemente Island Kayak Mothership (3.5 Day)View7/4 – 7/8 (2 spots open)
South Louisiana Kayak Fishing (5 Day)Not Available YetComing soon for late spring/summer 2021

Until next time… tight lines.

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