02.17.21 Fish Village + PYGMY 2021

We are pleased to announce our continued partnership for the 2021 PYGMY Offshore Kayak Fishing Tournament hosted in Navarre Beach, Florida.

Last year Derrick Benton of 85th Day hosted the first iteration of his GOAT offshore kayak fishing tournament called PYGMY. Why PYGMY??? Because it is nearly impossible to create the best ever offshore kayak fishing tournament during a pandemic… options are incredibly limited. So what is the next best thing to a full size goat… a Pygmy goat of course.

The difference between a Pygmy goat and a regular goat is that the regular goat can get bigger, much like this event. The first step towards being the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time) is to give anglers a reason to take this event seriously… Derrick just gave everyone $50,000 reasons why you should participate in PYGMY 2021.

If the little goat gets $50,000, what does this tournament look like when it grows into the full size G.O.A.T.? We know one thing for sure… we are sticking around to find out.


GOATs, kayak fishing, snapper, Navarre Reef and a chance at $50,000 is what has us excited about this event.

We will be sharing more about this event over the next few months. All event info and updates can be found on the official PYGMY 2021 event page.

Learn about Yahtzee King and how you can win a two (2) day guided fishing trip with Brian Nelli to either South Louisiana and South Florida.

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