The best offshore kayak fishing tournament is back… PYGMY 2 is back badder than ever with $50,000 on the line. Fish Village and 85th Day have teamed up again in 2021 to support Derrick’s vision for the best offshore kayak fishing tournament out there.. With Derrick at the helm… the shenanigan’s surrounding the event will be equally as intense as the fishing.


Saturday June 19th, 2021


Navarre Beach Florida


Opening soon

Fish Village Yahtzee King

At weigh-in, before the first fish is weighed, 5 dice will be rolled and summed to determine the target weight. If the sum is a 5, the smallest fish will win. If the sum is 6 through 30, the closest fish without going over will win the prize provided by Fish Village. In the extremely unlikely event of a tie, those fish in question will be transported to the nearest scale that can read to the next decimal place, thus breaking the tie.

Trip Prize

Choice to fish south Louisiana for marsh reds and trout OR south Florida’s famous freshwater, inshore and offshore fisheries with Fish Village’s Brian Nelli.

  • 2 days of guided fishing
  • Kayak + gear
  • Lodging
  • Meals

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