01.25.21 Weekly Recap (1/18 – 1/24)

For the most part… it was a quiet week. We have been working on a bunch of projects behind the scenes… some fun and some because we have to.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been slowly rolling out some tweaks to our website. These changes are designed to help you find content and information faster on our website.

The three biggest changes are:

  1. We updated Trip Central to include EVERYTHING trip related including trip recaps, scouting trips, trip news and Field Trips w/ Fish Village
  2. We updated the News to focus on Company News, Promotions and Events
  3. We re-branded Captain’s Quarters to Village Talk… a place where stories are told

Additionally, we worked on the new online shop by finalizing the site configuration and began loading products. I am happy to report that the hardest work is behind us and we are probably a week away from launching our online shop.

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