01.14.21 South Louisiana Behind the Trip Part 2

The story continues…

Our trip had kayak anglers from all over the country including some of our friends from Central Coast and NorCal. Throughout our trip we referenced our friends from up north as the Cali boys. The name stuck and it was appropriate.

Let’s start with the Above the Hook Productions crew… Ryan Arguello, Paul Williams and Alex Casillas. We have been on a few adventures together including Panama, San Clemente Island and now South Louisiana. These guys love to kayak fish and film which is perfect for us because we needed to have solid camera coverage all throughout our eighteen (18) person crew.

Ryan from the ATH crew relaxing with the rest of the team our first night in Louisiana.

The Above the Hook crew did an outstanding job of covering the trip despite the challenges that were thrown at them. The new territory, the stupid relentless winds and a new fishery make for challenging filming conditions, but did that stop them… NOPE.

At one point I had the privilege of bowfishing with Ryan, Paul and Alex (master drone operator) and got to watch them do their thing. From capturing the experience on cell phone videos and bad ass cameras, live social media updates and some of the baddest nighttime drone footage I have ever seen… these boys came to play. Watching them work as a team while we bowfished for redfish in the Louisiana marsh was rad. This moment stood out for me as a moment to remember.

Check out this teaser video they put together and released on Facebook… we love it and we want more!

Jesse rigging up before our first day on the water.

The other member of the Cali boys crew was our teammate Jesse Landry. Jesse has been a Fish Village ambassador before it was a thing… he has been on a number of our adventures and knows the Above the Hook guys well.

Jesse is the definition of chill. He looks out for others and is a heck of a fisherman. When we were loading up the kayaks into the trailer in Oceanside shortly before we took off for Louisiana, Jesse handed me multiple coolers full of beer and fish. Not just any beer or fish… but good beer and freshly caught and processed salmon, yellowfin tuna, wahoo and halibut. Are you kidding me?

His instructions were simple… share and enjoy. So we brought that beer to Louisiana and shared with our friends and my family has some damn good fish to eat over the next few months.

The funny story behind this generosity was that he was basically a zombie as he didn’t sleep for 24 hours+ and was hopped up on Red Bull. First thing he did when he saw me was talk shit about my shoes and then hand me a bunch of beer and fish. It was like being slapped and then hugged right after.

Ryan, Paul, Alex and Jesse… thank you for being a part of our village.

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