01.14.21 Charlie’s dumb luck stole my money

Re-told from the events that occurred on July 15th back in 2017.

I’ll set the stage for ya… it is the July Fishing w/ Friends kayak fishing tournament that is held out of Pure Watersports in Dana Point, California. The event is merely a small gathering of like minded individuals that like to place a small friendly wager to see who can catch the biggest fish. Truth be told… we probably all do it for the feast afterwards.

So Charlie, Tommy, Joe and I started our day like usual… late, slow and always annoying Charlie. See… I am an anxious person, but I am nothing compared to Charlie. No matter what we do… he is annoyed with us, yet he likes to hang out with us. We don’t get it.

We lazily pointed our yaks towards the “Pipe”, a known underwater rock structure just outside Dana Point harbor and Doheny Beach. We fished it with our usual amount of banter, breakfast beers and Pop-Tarts. At some point we were over it and moved on to another spot closer to shore. As we worked our way back towards the harbor mouth we stopped to bullshit some more.

An extremely lazy Charlie had a Shimano Waxwing dangling just below his kayak when something started to happen. Now… let me be clear. Charlie was NOT fishing. Now the photos may suggest otherwise, but this f’n guy wasn’t even fishing.

Charlie was screaming, cursing, laughing and perhaps in a slight panic (we all know the truth). He was hooked big. We all backed away and let him do his thing. A short fight later… this freaking guy has a giant White sea bass draped across his lap with that shit eating grin on his face.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I mean look at that freaking tail.

Though we may be talking shit on Charlie and making fun of how he landed that giant White sea bass… he got the last laugh that day as he giggled all the way back to the dock and took all of our money.

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