01.13.21 FV.com Shop Update

We were hyping you all up for a fresh merch launch and then poof… nothing. So what happened?

Here is the skinny. We launched the 2021 San Clemente Island kayak mothership trips in Dec 2020, we were enjoying some well deserved time off during the holidays and the new online shop requires more setup than we anticipated. Sooooo we bit off more than we can chew!

We are re-energized and ready to finish this project. We are now in the process of loading 1,800 SKUs and configuring the new shop as we speak. We want to make sure that we present a quality shopping experience for you all.

When we launch the new shop at FishVillage.com will have heavy hoodies, performance long sleeves and t-shirts for sale. Over the next few months we will have more designs, hats and stickers. We have some great stuff planned for 2021.

This project wouldn’t have happened without the support of our homie Rex DeGuzman of ActionHat. He designed our shirts and will be fulfilling our orders for the foreseeable future. We love working with him… he inspires us to live to the #goodlife.

Thank you all for your support and we will be opening our shop very soon!

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