12.20.20 The Village Pub reviews Pliny the Elder

While not specifically related to fishing we think most anglers out there will relate to the topic at hand… that being beer.

The idea that beer and fishing go hand in hand isn’t a far stretch for many. It is easy to think that many of you have enjoyed a celebratory beer on the water (safely of course) or off the water. So we thought a beer blog series made perfect sense. With each installment of this series I will explore a beer and give you an honest review. Sometimes we may pair our beer with food, or sometimes we may just share one of our behind the scenes stories related to the beer.

In our first series post we will start off with an iconic double IPA that debuted in the year 2000. This beer may be 20 years old but its still remains incredibly relevant today. Some even refer to it as the Holy Grail of Double IPAs. We are talking about Pliny the Elder by Russian River.

Don’t let its plain green and red label fool you. Beneath it’s brown-paper wrapping lies one of the most iconic beers in the craft beer scene. Officially called Pliny the Elder, and commonly referred to as simply “Pliny.” Its named after a Roman naturalist, scholar, historian and author, who died in 79 AD while saving people during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. So is this beer the paragon of hopiness that so many claim? I’m not sure I could say the Holy Grail, but it definitely makes it to my top 10 list of beers. If you consider yourself of beer connoisseur of any level you need to taste this beer. So what makes it so special? I think it’s the perfect amount of sugar that creates a delicate balance against the bitterness of the hops. Even with an IBU (International Bitterness Units) of a 100, you don’t get that kick in the face hoppy bite that is common to many Double IPAs. Instead you get juicy citrus flavors with a smooth hopy finish. Even at 8% ABV (Alcohol by Volume) it ranks high in terms of “drinkability.” This allows you to sit back and really enjoy the hoppy flavors of this masterpiece. When you do enjoy a Pliny make sure you take a minute to enjoy its deep golden color, and spend a few moments enjoying the aroma of citrus and caramel. Trust me this will only that first drink better.

Pliny maybe consider tame in today’s work of Double IPAs, but no self respecting craft beer fan would say this beer is no longer relevant in the world of Double IPAs. As I get older I am finding life and happiness is all about balance, and that is what this beer excels at, “Balance.” High ABV and IBU can sometimes end up overwhelming the palate, but somehow Russian River has managed to combine all of this into one of the most juiciest well balanced Double IPAs on the planet. I will be honest you will probably have a hard time finding Pliny in your local BevMo, but thankfully you can order delivery off their website (California residents only.) The Fish Village team has ordered numerous times and we are always surprised that the speed and quality of their shipping department. The beer is delivered so fast it will still be cold when you pull it out of the box. I am not pressuring you to buy this beer, but if you respect yourself you should. Hahah just joking.

In my opinion, this beer sets the standard for double IPAs. Go enjoy and please do so safely.

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