12.19.20 Another day, another trip added to the schedule

Another 2021 San Clemente Island kayak mothership trip update.

We were serious when we told you that we were going to hustle to get more trips. We were serious when we said YOU are our #1 priority. Today we made it happen.

We added a NEW San Clemente Island 3.5 day kayak mothership trip to our schedule. That is right… not just another trip… but LONGER. Why? BECAUSE MORE FISHING IS MOST DEFINTELY BETTER.

Earlier today we sent out emails to everyone that tried to book with us, but ultimately missed out. They have priority right now to get on our newly offered trip. We had to make sure that they at least had a chance to score a spot on what many call a bucket list trip. These trips provide unique opportunities to fish an incredible island fishery in your own kayak.

Over the next few days we will be working with our booked guests to provide them with an opportunity to move their reservation to our newly offered 3.5 day trip which could result in newly open spots. We will have this wrapped up by Tuesday. If spots are still available, we will go public with our dates and a waiting list for sold out trips. Cancellations still occur… so it is wise to jump on the waiting list when the trip is sold out.

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