12.17.20 Wow, that was fast!

Well… we said these trips would be highly contested and we also said that we expected to sell out within 24 hours. We are just about there with only a few spots left.

Last night we received over 250 emails (all after 6:00 PM). We have never seen a response like this. We were floored. This tells me that people love this trip, NorCal’s Fresh n Salty rolls deep and that people want to get out there and live. This makes us so happy.

We are in the process of responding to every single person that attempted to book. We expect to get to all of you today. For those expecting confirmation emails after we you completed your form… we cannot automate that because we have to ensure that we process them in the order they were received. We would hate to confirm that you have a spot or worse don’t have a spot and we were wrong. This is sort of like when you order something online and you have to wait to get the confirmation email that they have it in stock and will be delivered.

Sooo… what are we going to do? First, we need to talk to the Islander and get more dates (STAY TUNED). Second, we need to close out the remaining few spots.

We heard rumblings that some people that subscribed to our list did NOT receive the email. First let me say this… It is our intention to include everyone. There is no one that we want to exclude. Next I want to say that we literally want to book you all. So when we hear that people missed out because of a failure with technology… we got really bummed out.

Unfortunately we cannot control whether or not your email server thinks our email is spam. Our process includes a SPAM test and a compliance check. It passed both tests before we sent this out. We literally tested multiple times before sending right at 6:00 PM. Nonetheless, we are bummed that people felt that they missed out. Based on the 250+ email response, we had no idea that some of you were having issues until we started receiving text messages and DMs.

We will be looking into this problem and determine if we can improve upon this process. We want you all to have the best chance possible to fish with your buddies.

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