12.14.20 We love fishing and we love beer… soooo

Whether you enjoy a cold brew while fishing, cracking a cold one after a fun day on the water with your friends or pairing the perfect beer with your fresh catch… we can all agree that beer and fishing go hand and hand or rod to rod… whatever.

As Californians we are proud of the brews that hail from the Golden State, however we have a bad reputation for being a bunch of beer snobs. Sure… they exist all throughout the state but not here. No sir… No mam’m. We love beer.

I challenged Joe (Director of Marketing, Technology) to put together a blog series about beer and the good eats we get to enjoy by catching our own fish. His response was a resounding “F*** yea”. Why challenge Joe to take this on? That is easy… Joe is an incredibly savvy beer connoisseur with a wide palette ranging from pilsners to stouts. As Joe says… “I like beer, period. Some may be taste better than others and I certainly have my favorites, but I like beer”.

So… to help launch this thing, we are going to start with the following brews:

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